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This table contains Southern Railway books owned by members of the Southern E-Group (SEmG). The scope is the same as SEmG, therefore the table includes books related to the Southern Railway (SR), or its predecessors or successors. The table also includes any general book which has some coverage of the SR (or its predecessors or successors). Currently the table contains list of books supplied by Norman Allum, Richard Barton, Tony Bush,  Tony Cane, John Dedman, Colin Duff, Bernard Early, Christopher Gardner, Eric Gates, Cliff Hutton, Thorgeir Lawrence, Martin Love, Graham "Muz", Eric Penn, Graeme Pettit, Peter Richards, John Russell, Dave Searle, Howard Sprenger, Roger Stanford, Michael Taylor, Mark Tomas and Gordon Weddell.

Contributions from other SEmG members are welcome, please check the On-Line Instructions and/or contact John Russell

The following list contains just those books published recently. Please note this does include reprints of older books.

        greenarrow New additions in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014

There are now two versions of the book list (which contains 1,616 books). The first version is a HTML table and takes a long time to load, but you can search this version using the "Find in page" function of your browser. The second version is in pdf (Adobe Acrobat) format, which can also be searched (in the standard reader), but is a better format for downloading and printing. Please make sure you have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed before you use this version.

greenarrow Books sorted alphabetically in HTML format (about 916 KB)
greenarrow Books sorted alphabetically in Adobe Acrobat format (about 368 KB, 39 pages)

For more information on these books, join the SEmG (if not already a member) and send an e-mail.

If you are looking for books in print, try searching Amazon (if you have an ad blocker running, this might not show up) :-

The following sites specialize in Railway Books (in print and second-hand) :-
Ian Allan Publishing (includes OPC and Midland Publishing)
Irwell Press (includes BRILL and BYLINES)
Nigel Bird Books
Nick Tozer Railway Books
Here are some general second-hand book sites, for that hard to find book :-
DealOZ (was Campusi)
For out of print magazines, try these sites :-
British Railway Books (Magazine & Periodicals Index)
TEE Publishing

Inclusion of any of the above sites is for your convenience and does not imply any endorsement of these commercial services. I am an Associate of Amazon.Co.UK and will receive a small commission for purchased made by any links to this company, but the income is transferred annually to SEmG. I have no commercial connection to the other companies.

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